Central Community College – Hastings: September 27



550 S Technical Blvd, Hastings, NE 68902


NECCD @ CCC is September 27th, 2017!

Stay tuned for details!


In the mean time, check out this listing of stations which were available at past NECCD events at CCC!



Few people could be said to literally build the world more than the welder.  Learn about this important skill and career field which can serve you a lifetime!  To check out the program at CCC that will help you build into this career field, click here!

3-D Building Design

The blue print is where it all begins, thus knowing how to read one is a key building block to success.  In this station you can get your hands on actual building blueprints and really get a feel for this vital process that gets the whole project started by experiencing the plan in 3-D!  To learn more about a program at CCC to help draw up your career plans in this in demand field, click here!

Residential Framing

The frame is the most basic structure of a home, so it’s essential that frames are well made and constructed with care.  At this station you will discover hands-on how to make a residential house frame and begin your journey of construction craftsmen excellence!  To check out a program at CCC to frame up a successful career in this field, click here!


The importance of electricians can not be overstated, and in this station you can see first hand what it takes to perform in this vital field.  You can become acquainted with the critical pieces that harness the electron and power our lives!  To check out a program at CCC that can lay the conduit to a career that can wire up your future, click here!

Auto Body 3D Simulation

Check out this awesome way to learn how to paint automobiles by entering this auto body 3D simulation!  Using this method, you can develop the very fine muscles and coordination it takes to become a master at auto body painting without the extraordinary waste and expense of learning with real paint.  To check out a program at CCC that can polish and shine your career success, click here!

Concrete “Tough”

Concrete is the 2nd most consumed material in the world, second to water.  There are many different applications and uses for concrete from streets, sidewalks, parking lots, walls, floors, patios, and even counter tops.  Concrete is made up with various amounts of cement, rocks, and water.  After concrete is produced, concrete craftsman must properly deposit, screed, float, finish and cure the concrete.  At the concrete tough station, you will work as a team to place and finish a 4 ft x 8 ft concrete slab using various tools and techniques concrete finishers use every day.  The only question is, are you tough enough? #concretetough

Heating and Air Conditioning

It takes a special kind of person to keep their cool and get the job done when all the cooling or heating has been knocked off line, and in this station you can see first hand what it takes to fill the boots of these technicians.  Whether it’s fixing the existing or designing and installing the new system, the HVAC technician is highly in demand!  To check out a program at CCC that will launch you into this in demand career, click here!

Diesel Technology Fundamentals

The world is moved by the diesel engine, and this is your chance to get your hands on the technology it takes to keep it going strong!  Get a grip on this complex and vital career by registering for this station today!  To learn more about the program at CCC that will train you in this important and rewarding field, click here!

Diesel Technology Dyno

A diesel engine is only as good as the maintenance that is conducted on it, and in this station you can check out the Dynamiter: a vital tool in the testing and building of the diesel engine.  To check out this program at CCC that will drive your career success, click here!

Heavy Equipment

The heavy equipment operator is a highly skilled technician that with time can control their machine with the finesse that is beyond belief, and an efficiency that gets the job done quickly and effectively.  At this station, you can get a first hand look at how this equipment operates, is maintained, and how to operate safely in a heavy equipment environment!

Advanced Manufacturing

The modern manufacturing environment is a place of incredible complexity and capability, and that state of affairs is only getting better by the second.  At this station you can get your hands on the tools and technologies used to maintain and develop these incredible machines which build the very things that make our lives possible today.  To check out the program at CCC which can help you manufacture a brilliant career in this highly valuable field, click here!

Steam Fitting

Steam fitting is an little known, but extremely important field that lays the underpinning to our very modern lifestyle.  At this station you can learn about this craft that works with everything from refrigeration, power plant construction, a/c and heating systems, ship building, and much more!  To check out a program at CCC that can heat up your future career, click here!

Structural Steel

The literal skeletal material for our very homes, bridges, buildings, and more structural steel is taken for granted but crafted by highly skilled and refined technicians and processes.  At this station, you can learn how this material is brought into being and how it transforms from raw form into the structure of our very civilization!

Excavator “Hoops”

Climb into the cab of the versatile mini-excavator and put your heavy equipment operation skills to the test!  In this station you’ll use this piece of equipment to literally shoot hoops with a basketball!  Do you have what it takes to control this magnificent machine with skill and accuracy?  To learn about a program at CCC that can help you dig up a successful construction career, click here!

Skid-loader Sandbox

It’s fun in the sandbox, Construction Career Days style!  Get behind the controls of this powerful machine and learn how fun and easy it is to operate the very necessary and capable skid-loader!  It’s the type of experience you’ll only find at Construction Career Days!  To check out a program at CCC that can help you load up your successful career, click here!

Safety First

The construction work-site is a place you absolutely want to take great care and safety precautions every time you go to work.  At this station, you will learn first-hand about the reasons for that safety awareness and why you should always remember: Safety First!  To check out a program at CCC that will help you secure a bright future, click here!

Blueprints Alive!

The ability to see a blueprint rendered in three dimensions has long been the dream of workmen and site foremen through the ages.  In this station you can observe that exact technology made real. Check out what it’s like to see lines on a page turn to beautiful works of art before your very eyes!  To check out a program at CCC that can render you a vision of career success, click here!

Masonry In Action!

The brick and mortar structure has become the standard for construction that can stand the test of time. At this station you can check out the tools and materials of this ancient art, first-hand!  Come learn why when you build at Construction Career Days, you’re not just another brick in the wall!  To check out a program at CCC that can help you lay the foundation for career success, click here!

Survey the Situation

Long before a single shovel of dirt is moved the critical work of the surveyor must be done to give the planners a detailed understanding of the conditions they are working with.  In this station you can check out how these detailed professionals create high value data for planners to utilize in their designs.  To check out a career at CCC that can help you scope out future career success, click here!




For more information about careers in the construction industry, check out BuildourNebraska!

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