Mid-Plains Community College – North Platte: April 11


1101 Halligan Drive

North Platte, NE  69101

NECCD @ MPCC is April 11th, 2018!



In the meantime, check out this listing of stations which were available at past NECCD events at MPCC!


Vroom, Vroom

The world is moved by the diesel engine, and this is your chance to get your hands on the technology it takes to keep it going strong!  Get a grip on this complex and vital career by registering for this station today!  To learn more about the program at MPCC that will train you in this important and rewarding field, click here!

“She Thinks My Tractor’s ….”

It’s true…there are few sights more sweet than 300 horsepower getting down and dirty to get the job done.  And in this station you can check out some good lookin’ John Deere construction equipment as it hits the work site hard and gets the job done!  To check out a program at MPCC that can fire up your career as a highly demanded heavy equipment operator, click here!

Home Design

It’s a dream many have but few are equipped to realize:  to design and build your own home.  In this station, learn first hand how to design your very own dream home!  To check out a program at MPCC which can help you draw up plans for a successful career involving home design, click here!

You Want a Roof Over Your Head?

You will be hard pressed to find in the world of construction any piece more valuable than a well constructed roof.  In this station you can learn first hand how to construct the all important truss: a piece which forms the backbone of a roof!  To check out a program at MPCC that can help elevate a future career in this very in demand field, click here!

Control Circuit Construction

The importance of electricians can not be overstated, and in this station you can see first hand what it takes to perform in this vital field.  At this station, you can become acquainted with the critical control circuits that help harness the electron and power our lives!  To check out a program at MPCC that can lay the conduit to a career that can wire up your future, click here!

Wiring a Switch

One of the very first steps of an electrician’s education is the wiring of a basic switch, and in this station you can get hands on in this field and close the circuit with your own two hands!  Check out a program at MPCC that can help you power up a career in this high demand field by clicking here!

Think it’s warm in here?

It takes a special kind of person to keep their cool and get the job done when all the cooling or heating has been knocked off line.  In this station you can see first hand what it takes to fill the boots of these technicians.  This station will give you a up close look into how a heat pump operates to pull heat out of the cold winter air and to pull heat out of your home in the summer!  To check out a program at MPCC that will pump up your intro into this in demand career, click here!

Take a Ride on the Wild Side

This is the station on the train to the crazy town that is the world of excavators and articulated loaders!  Get your hands on simulated training to operate the awesome workhorses of the work site! To check out a program at MPCC that will help load up a career in the highly demanded field of heavy equipment operation, click here!


The incredibly complex machines of today require highly crafted and carefully constructed components, and to produce those parts it requires a specialist with a refined set of skills and knowledge equal to that difficult task.  In this station, observe first-hand the tools and technology that produce these precise pieces and get a feel for the craft of the highly desired precision machinist!  To check out a program available at MPCC to help you craft a successful career, click here!

The walls are going up!

The frame is the most basic structure of a home, so it’s essential that frames are well made and constructed with care.  At this station, you will discover hands-on how to make a residential house frame and begin your journey of construction craftsmen excellence!  To check out a program at MPCC to frame up a successful career in this field, click here!

It’s raining outside, but dry in here!

There are few elements more important to the longevity of a structure than a well constructed roof.    Select this station to check out the skills and craftsmanship that go into building that which literally shelters us from the storm!  Check out this program at MPCC to get a start building a shelter over your future in this high demand career by clicking here!

Places to put your stuff!

The craftsmanship and care that go into a well constructed set of cabinets yields years of value, utility, and beauty.  At this station you can observe first hand the basics to learning the craft of cabinet making!  To check out a program at MPCC that can give you space to store a rewarding and challenging career, click here!

For the Concrete Thinkers

It is the foundation to the roads we drive on, the houses we live in, and the world as a whole.  The importance of concrete and excellence in concrete craftsmanship goes nearly without saying.  In this station you can get a feel for what it takes to build first hand with concrete!  To check out a program at MPCC that can lay a foundation for a career in this highly valuable field, click here!

Excavator “Hoops”

Climb into the cab of the versatile mini-excavator and put your heavy equipment operation skills to the test!  In this station you’ll use this piece of equipment to literally shoot hoops with a basketball!  Do you have what it takes to control this magnificent machine with skill and accuracy?  To learn about a program at MPCC that can help you dig up a successful construction career, click here!

Skid-loader Sandbox

It’s fun in the sandbox, Construction Career Days style!  Get behind the controls of this powerful machine and discover how fun and easy it is to learn to run the very necessary piece of equipment!  It’s the type of experience you’ll only find at Construction Career Days!  To check out a program at MPCC that can help you load up your successful career, click here!

For more information about careers in the construction industry, check out BuildourNebraska!

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