Southeast Community College – Milford: September 19

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600 State Street, Milford, NE 68405

NECCD @ SCC is September 19th, 2017!

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Check out this listing of stations which were available at past NECCD events at SCC!



Robotics & Automation

The machinery that builds so much of our modern world is undergoing a dramatic revolution, and this station will put your hands on that technology today!  Robotics, automated systems, and more make this vibrant and vital field a growth area you won’t want to miss!  To check out a program at SCC that can assemble a heavy duty future in this career field, click here!

Fluid Power

The forces unleashed by hydraulics and pneumatics has revolutionized our capacity to do work and perform precision motions on the micro and macro scale.  This station will put the power of these forces in your hands to observe and explore for yourself!  To check out a career field at SCC that will take these incredible forces and allow you to pressurize a high power career, click here!

Construction Electrical

The importance of electricians can not be overstated, and in this station you can see first-hand what it takes to perform in this vital field.  At this station, you can become acquainted with the critical components that power commercial and residential structures!  To check out a program at SCC that can lay the conduit to a career that can wire up your future, click here!

Power Distribution

The forces involved to create and transport the electricity we take for granted are awesome in their potential and the destructive capability.  At this station you can check out first-hand how electricity gets generated and charged up and down the line infrastructure to its final destination of that powers our lives. Learn what it takes to be a technician that literally keeps the lights on!  To check out a program at SCC that can transform the voltage to this rewarding career, click here!

Residential Electrical High Voltage Application

Electricity, when it first comes off the line to your home, is often powerful enough to be lethal to the touch and in need of specific application to be utilized safely.  In this station you can check out how the highly skilled electricians that guide these powerful forces make the same power that could burn a house to the ground a useful and effective force for daily living!  To check out a program at SCC that can help you light up a bright future in this career, click here!

Rev Up Your House Plan with Revit

When you set out to build something, be it a building, machine, pipeline, or otherwise, your final product will often only be as good as the plan you had when you started.  At this station, you can get your hands on the powerful Revit AUTOcad program and apply this state-of-the-art technology to planning out a house of your own!  To check out a program at SCC that can help you plot out a challenging and rewarding career in drafting, click here!

Engineering Disasters

Everybody has bad days. Then some folks have days so bad entire structures they designed collapse and cause mass loss and fatality.  In this station you can check out how you can design your future masterpieces such that they stand the test of time and trauma!  Get into the materials and methods of Architectural Design in this hands on station that will help you comprehend and appreciate the value of quality measurement and calculation and the vital role it plays in public safety.  To check out a program at SCC that can help you calculate your future excellence, click here!

Introduction to the World of Welding

Few people could be said to literally build the world more than the welder, and this station puts that power in your hands!  Learn about this important, high-demand field by doing and learn skills to serve you a lifetime!  Pull on your gloves and let’s get to work with this intro to all welding has to offer!  To check out a program at SCC that help you manufacture a well-built future in this career field in high demand, click here!

A/C Wiring: Way Cool for Summer

It takes a special kind of person to keep their cool and get the job done when all the cooling or heating has been knocked off line. In this station you can see first-hand what it takes to fill the boots of these technicians and see first-hand what it takes to hook up those vital components that make life livable when the weather is anything but.  To check out a program at SCC that will launch you into this in demand career, click here!

 Soldering: Too Hot to Touch

Some tasks take a careful hand and a knowledge of the materials that the amateur simply lacks.  In this station, you can start down the road to quality craftsmanship as you try your hand at using a propane torch to solder copper fittings into copper pipe in a basic, yet important skill exercise critical to any skilled technician!  To check out a program at SCC that can connect you to a career in this highly demanded career, click here!

Sheet Metal: Not Your Average Tin Man

In the composition of a building, there are many components that go unseen yet still make the difference on how people live life in that building.  Air duct-work ranks high in the critical infrastructure of any building, and in this station you can put your hands to the task of bending sheet metal into those vital structures that make life efficient, livable, healthy!  To check out a program at SCC that can help you shape a career in this in demand field, click here!

Rapid Prototyping Utilization in Industry

The modern manufacturing environment has become so competitive that being able to design, prototype, and mass produce new products with speed and efficiency is critical to a firms’ long term success.  In this station you can see what it takes to employ the processes and procedures of Rapid Prototyping and get your hands on some of the tools that make it all possible!  To check out a program at SCC that can help you move from concept to brilliant career, click here!

Revolutionizing Representation Through Virtual Reality

The stuff of science fiction is quickly manifesting itself in our everyday lives, and in this station you can see some of the most advanced technology to ever step off a page!  Check out how this technology is making the design process one that allows a product to be virtually experienced before it actually exists in the world, and see how that ability changes the way in which we design the future today!  To check out a program at SCC that can help you design a high quality career before you build it, click here!

Wings Over SCC

The UAV (Drone) technology that used to be the concern of only the military has become in very short order a staple of the modern work site.  In this station you can get a first-hand look at how UAVs are being deployed to assist survey teams in terrain assessment and making their work more detailed, efficient and effective than ever before!  To get a look at a program at SCC that can help your future career take off and soar, click here!

Wild Wild World of Land Surveying

Long before a single shovel of dirt is moved the critical work of the surveyor must be done to give the planners a detailed understanding of the conditions they are working with.  In this station you can check out how survey teams are using hyper-accurate GPS data to help get a precise measure of the plots they are operating on and see first-hand how these detailed professionals create high value data for planners to utilize in their designs.  To check out a career at SCC that can help you scope out future career success, click here!

Concrete “Tough”

Concrete is the 2nd most consumed material in the world, second to water.  There are many different applications and uses for concrete from streets, sidewalks, parking lots, walls, floors, patios, and even counter tops.  Concrete is made up with various amounts of cement, rocks, and water.  After concrete is produced, concrete craftsman must properly deposit, screed, float, finish and cure the concrete.  At the concrete tough station, you will work as a team to place and finish a 4 ft x 8 ft concrete slab using various tools and techniques concrete finishers use every day.  The only question is, are you tough enough? #concretetough

Commercial Construction Careers

It is said that knowledge is power, and at this station you can get a whole truck load of powerful knowledge about the in high demand careers available in commercial construction today!  Get hands on with commercial construction including concrete forming, metal stud construction and re-bar installation!  To check out a program at SCC that can train you with the skills to excel at these jobs that are in high demand today and for the foreseeable future, click here!

Residential Construction Opportunities

Sometimes it’s the final touches and hidden components that make a house a place of comfort, utility, and value.  In this station you can get your hands on information about opportunities in Residential Construction including framing, finishing, cabinetry, roofing, and siding!  To check out a program at SCC that can help you become a skilled craftsman in the in the highly valued field of Residential Construction, click here!

Masonry Matters

To be a mason is to work in a craft that can last through the ages and become the foundation to many a great structure.  In this station, you can see first-hand why indeed masonry truly matters and how you can become one of these in-demand craftsmen that make their mark with the strength they build into the world we live upon.  To check out a program at SCC that can give you the brick and mortar to build a rock solid career, click here!

80,000 lbs. 75 mph- How Does the Truck STOP?

It’s been said you can bend the laws of physics, but you can never break them.  In this station you can learn exactly how the laws of physics make possible the extremely important air breaking system for modern heavy transport vehicles first-hand!  Check out the air break simulator and learn about the discrete components that help this system keep the roads safe!  To check out a program at SCC that can help you stop on success, click here!

$300,000 Ag. Tractor – Electronic Diagnostic Tool Use for the Modern Approach to Trouble Shooting

The modern field implement has evolved over time into a highly complex, capable, and expensive piece of equipment and in this station you can get your hands on the tools and tech to diagnose problems immediately!  Learn what it takes to be the “go-to” technology when machinery breaks and harvest is on the line!  Get your hands on the tools and technology that works to feed the world!  To learn about a program at SCC that can help you power into this challenging and highly rewarding career field, click here!

Excavator “Hoops”

Climb into the cab of the versatile mini-excavator and put your heavy equipment operation skills to the test!  In this station you’ll use this piece of equipment to literally shoot hoops with a basketball!  Do you have what it takes to control this magnificent machine with skill and accuracy?  To learn about a program at SCC that can help you dig up a successful construction career, click here!

Skid-loader Sandbox

It’s fun in the sandbox, Construction Career Days style!  Get behind the controls of this powerful machine and learn how fun and easy it is to learn to run the very capable skid-steer loader!  It’s the type of experience you’ll only find at Construction Career Days!  To check out a program at SCC that can help you load up your successful career, click here!

Blueprints Alive!

The ability to see a blueprint rendered in three dimensions has long been the dream of workmen and site foremen through the ages.  In this station you can observe that exact technology made real.  Check out what it’s like to see lines on a page turn to the beautiful works of art before your very eyes!  To check out a program at SCC that can render you a vision of career success, click here!




For more information about careers in the construction industry, check out BuildourNebraska!

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