Western Nebraska Community College – Scottsbluff: October 19


 2620 College Park, Scottsbluff, NE 69361

NECCD @ WNCC is October 19th, 2017!

Stay tuned for details!

In the mean time, check out this listing of stations which were available at past NECCD events at WNCC!


Welding Industry Overview

Few people could be said to literally build the world more than the welder and this station puts that power in your hands!  Learn about this important technology and how you can learn skills to serve you a lifetime!  To check a program at WNCC that can assemble a bright future in this career field, click here!


Construction Safety

Safety is the literal first thing in every hands-on career path, and this vital station puts the information and practices of good safety protocols at your fingertips.  Discover how to work safely around and be safe while operating heavy equipment in this important and critical discussion!


Project Management

Getting the job done isn’t just about pouring the concrete, welding the joints, or framing the structure: somebody has to keep an eye on the big picture and make sure everybody is working together to get it done right.  In this station, learn about the essential and critical task of steering a project from basic materials and skilled technicians into a finished project well done!


Automotive Science

Lay your hands on the tools and technology it takes to make modern automobiles really perform!  Discover how to diagnose, test, and repair the complicated workings of modern cars, light trucks, and SUV’s.  Check out a program at WNCC that can rev up an exciting career in this field by clicking here (automotive technology) and clicking here (auto-body technology)!


Powerline Construction

This station takes you to the adventuresome and absolutely vital world of utility line technicians!  Get your hands on the tools and technology that literally power the world in which we live today and step into the boots of those that get the call when it all goes dark!  To check out a program at WNCC that can light up a bright career in this field, click here!


Roofing Basics

There are few elements more important to the longevity of a structure than a well constructed roof.  In this station, you will get to put your hands to work laying that all important material: the roofing shingle!  Select this station to check out the skills and craftsmanship that go into building that which literally shelters us from the storm!


Cement Finishing

Correctly finished cement is a mark of craftsmanship that ensures the beauty and long life of any project.  In this station you can put your hands to work learning the skills and the tools of finishing quality cement projects!



The technology of global positioning and global informatics has frankly taken the world by storm, and its applications and potential are only beginning to come to life!  Attend this station to put into your hands the tools and technology that will guide the decades to come and literally change the world in which we live!


Commercial Driving

Get your hands on the wheel of an opportunity in extremely high demand right now!  Truck drivers literally move the world and this station puts you in the driver’s seat of a rewarding career!  To check out a program at WNCC that can put you in the driver’s seat to this in demand career field, click here!


HVAC Plumbing

It can be said that modern civilization is made possible first and foremost by plumbing. And in this station you can put your hands on the tools and technologies of not only the essential field of plumbing, but also that of the HVAC specialists that keep our structures comfortable and healthy to live in through all the seasons.  Check out this station for a career path that is in demand all over the world, all year long!


Excavator “Hoops”

Climb into the cab of the versatile mini-excavator and put your heavy equipment operation skills to the test!  In this station you’ll use this piece of equipment to literally shoot hoops with a basketball!  Do you have what it takes to control this magnificent machine with skill and accuracy?


Skid-loader Sandbox

It’s fun in the sandbox, Construction Career Days style!  Get behind the controls of this powerful machine and learn how fun and easy it is to learn to run the very capable skid-steer loader!  It’s the type of experience you’ll only find at Construction Career Days!


Concrete 101

It is the foundation to the roads we drive on, the houses we live in and the world in which we live.  The importance of concrete and excellence in concrete craftsmanship goes nearly without saying, and in this station you can get a feel for what it takes to build first-hand with concrete!



For more information about careers in the construction industry, check out BuildourNebraska!

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